Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Great outdoor activity

So the other day my little had a great idea while we were on a nature walk, she wanted to make molds of the tracks we found.
So with a little of plaster of paris and so time we did it! She loves it, she loved finding the tracks and identifing what animal made them, and getting to bring home a momento of are walk.

plaster of paris
bucket to mix
stick to stir

mix the plaster of paris to the directions on the box. pour into tracks and wait for it to harden, some took 10 minutes so to 30 or so before we could pop them out.
Let the little ones make tracks to and make a casting of their own tracks..
This is a deer track, it wass the best track we could find of a deer but I love how it looks like a heart.


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  2. Rock and roll! This is so fab! I love that its a deer track and that it totally looks like a's just beautiful. I live in the heart of the city so it might be a challenge to find cool tracks that aren't human lol but when we go away I'm soo trying this..

  3. My husband did this with our girls and they enjoyed it. I blogged about this, too. You might enjoy the links and the animal track sheets.

    Creative and Curious Kids!

  4. What a great idea - very creative! I'm following you from MBC. Here's my blog: