Tuesday, May 25, 2010

watercolors oh my...

We have been working on making homemade water colors it was fun and easy as could be...
Here is the recipe:
3tbsp cornstarch
3tbsp baking soda
3tbsp vinger
1 1/2 tsp light corn syrup
(if you dont have light corn syrup you can mix up 2 parts suger to 1 part water, boil til well dissolve.)
food coloring

mix first three together, little one got a kick out of the foaming mix, add syrup, mix well.
seperate into small containers then add food coloring, a couple of drops each.

I have used pill containers, the ones with like seven compartments, and a paint tray.
you can paint right away with them or allow to dry for later use ( took two days to dry out)

I gave her q-tips to paint the picture above with instead of paint brushes, she thought I was crazy but she decide it was fun and the q-tips looked neat in the end..

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