Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Rain,rain go away....

Well the rain really hasnt stopped yet, its been over a week and 12 inches at last count (kind of given up on keeping track of it...  Rain barrell full, but so is everything else, lots of flooding and damage due to the rain. I am very thankful we have had only had some leaks and not a couple flooded house, my heart goes out to the flood vitcims.. I hope everyone can stay safe and dry...

p.s I hope the weather man is right that the rain ends sometime today/tonite at least for a couple of days.......

Monday, April 25, 2011

Vote for me!!!!!!!

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Well I said I would post pictures of rain barrell when it stops raining, well it hasnt stopped yet for more than a few minutes at a time! We have now had over 9 inches and lots of flooding, Thankfully we live on a large hill or maybe small mountian, so flooding is not a huge issue for are house but the roads to it thats a different story. Take care and happy crafting to you all...

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Rain Barrel on the cheap

So yesterday we made a rain barrel to water our new fruit trees. I looked on line and here and there for rain barrels and was shocked at the price on them. I built ours for around $14 dollars, and people our selling them for upwards of $100.  I found all kinds of directions and price range for building them online and was still shocked at the price people were giving out to build these, I knew I could have one and not cost a arm and leg for one.


plastic barrel or trash can (works to) $5
male faucet $4.69
1 large washer $1.55
1 o ring $0.30
screen (we already had some old window screen)
nut $1.00
drill and spade bit (slightly smaller than faucet)

we cut the top off then drilled a hole slightly smaller than threaded area of  faucet(in lower area of barrel about 2inches from bottem), then we put large washer on faucet end and threaded it in the whole
hole put o ring on then nut and that part is finished. ( you could also put on thread tape to but mine didn't leak so I called it good and didn't)
we then attached screen over top to prevent leaves and junk from getting in. I just screwed the screen in around barrel sides, you could use rope or if you have one with removable lid sandwhich screen between them.
put alittle water in and check for leaks, no leaks your good :)
we used some scrap wood we had lying around to build a base to keep off ground and help gravity.
This all took less than a hour to do and it rained last night and we got good rain water to water the fruit trees with..
Now if your worried about mosiqutoes (?) I have read that you can put those disk for standing water and someone suggested small amount of bleach, I will cross this bridge later. 
I eventually plan on letting little one paint it, she wants to paint it black and white to look like a milk cow.
I will post pictures as soon as it stops raining, forgot to take pics while building it. oops.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Once again...

Once again I am so sorry for the lack of post. Life has just gotten away, we have been doing some crafting but not much as normal. But I have many pictures, just got to get them up loaded for you all.
  In the mean time what have you all been crafting?
  What are your favorite craft sites, or just inspiration sites you all like?
Post them in comments for me..

Till next time Happy crafting...