Thursday, May 20, 2010

coaster, trivets or wat ever you call them..

Me and little miss made this for mother days and gave them to grandma for a present. We went to our local habitat for humanity (hope I spelled that right) resale store and bought some basic white tiles for 50cents a piece. You could use any size or maybe color you want. we got 4x4 ones.

I set her up with paints(nothing fancy just your basic craft paint from wally world)
and let her go to town painting them.
After they dried this is were I come in I sprayed them with triple-thick crystal clear glaze by krylon another wally world purchase, we did three coats.
Then after it was good and dry we glue plastic feet (like the ones on cutting boards) found those at dollar general store, on some and some we glued felt feet on, we got the felt feet at wally world, they were meant for furniture feet but worked great for this. and now you have a great little gift.
  I haven't test to see if it would hold up to heat or not but we use ours for drink coasters.If you do test for heat do let me know.. I would love to see your pictures if you try this out..

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