Friday, June 4, 2010

Oh so good gummy candies

Gummy candies........

6 oz. package of jello any flavor you like
6 enevlopes of knox unflavored gelation
2/3 cup cold water
half of 1/3 cup cold water

-mix well. it will be very gunkie looking..
-let it sit 10 minutes
-(double boiler thingy) boil some water while your letting it sit
I use a big pot and have a metal bowl that sits perfect on the rim. you could use a glass measuring cup
and pot of water.
-once water is boiling put your contianer in and you just want to melt it til all dissolved not really cook it just a gud melt. poor into your molds  put in fridge or freeze and within 30 minutes or so you have gummie candies.

ps. I dont grease the molds they will pop right out.

you can use ice cube trays or candy molds.. I have ice cube trays.

heres another recipe for them but I havent tried this one

1 package flavored jello
6 packages knox
1/2 cup cold water

in small sauce mix all 3 together and stir constantly til melted pour into molds and pop in freezer for ten minutes....


  1. Cool, something I definitely gotta try!!

  2. They are great we make them serval times a week...

  3. Okay, so first, I would like to thank you for coming by my page and following!! I hope I can keep my posts interesting enough to keep people coming back!

    Second, I am watching my 3 year old niece tomorrow and we are making these!!!

  4. My kids would love that! I will have to add it to the project list. Found you through MBC.

  5. I could do this to make my daughter DHA gummies, with the bottle of strawberry fish oil I have. She won't take it as a liquid, but eats the fish oil gummies :)

    Now following from MBC