Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I have so not forgot you

  Well I have not forgot my blog, I promise!!! See I just moved (to a smaller house)and lost my crafting/office space, so I have boxes and boxes of my office and craft supplies waiting for me to find them a place!
  So I have a extra closet it is a thin closet but about 6 ft long and maybe 3 feet wide, I am going to line it with shelves for my craft supplies. So if any of you have any solutions or ideas please tell!

Happy crafting!!


  1. Hi there!! I am terribly unorganized and keep all my supplies in little boxes all over my house in different closets and can never seem to find anything, so unfortunatly I have no tips or advice on your closet space!! Good luck!!!
    Stop by and say hello at my new blog when you get a chance. from MBC

  2. following you from MBC....looking foward to your new crafting projects and ideas