Tuesday, December 21, 2010

making cold porcelain clay

Well over the weekend we made our very own cold porcelain clay. I found a variety of recipes, but this is what we went with and it worked great. ( cant remember were I found it at.)

1 cup cornstarch
1 cup white glue, (elmers or what ever brand you have of school glue)
1 tbsp of lemon juice or clove oil
1 tbsp of mineral oil, i.e baby oil

Mix all your goods together and microwave or you can cook it on the stove, but i did microwave,
microwave for a minute and stir and repeat this two or three times til you have a ball that looks like mashed potatoes as the little one called it, it will pull off the sides of bowl and it will have hard parts and I totally thought I screwed it up, but let it cool so you can handle it then dump her out and knead, and you will end up with a slightly stiff ball. you can add color to it at this piont if you want, with food coloring or paint.
mold your creations and let air dry for a day or two.
we didnt add any color to ours so we could paint it after it dries.

Also to save unsed clay wrap in plastic wrap or zip lock bag.
I found also but have not tried my self that you could heat oven to 350 then turn oven off and put in your clay objects and dry them in the cooling oven.

sorry I dont have pictures of the process to make.

Happy crafting!!

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